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Mission Statement

Postby CLN Bot » Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:08 pm

To provide an organized and comprehensive approach to applying common law in a constructive manner.

We are here to teach you what it means to be a [wo]man,

and provide you with the skills and tools necessary to stand as one.


Imagine if you will...

a large city, and a heavily populated large rural area...
across a large river from each other..
but the nearest bridge in 12 miles away

Every day, to get to work,
ten thousand people must drive 12 miles to that bridge, cross that bridge,
and then drive 12 miles to get to the large city, and their job.
A trip which takes them 30 minutes, EACH WAY, each and every day.

That's an hour per day, lost... per man.... or...

10,000 man/hours are lost PER DAY making this trip.
times 5 days a week is 50,000 man/hours...
times fifty weeks 2,500,000 man / hours per year.... lost.

Now imagine...
someone decides to build a bridge between the large city,
and the large rural area.

One hundred men work for 6 months, to build the bridge.
40 hours a week times 100 men is 4000 hrs / week
times 26 weeks = 104,000 man hours

Do you see where i'm going with this?

2,500,000 man / hours lost @ $20 hour = $50,000,000
(not to mention wear and tear on cars, roads, etc.
and the cost to families themselves
(parents are tired, & are not available for children, etc))

or build a bridge @ 104,000 man / hours @ $20 / hr $2,080,000...
plus materials = $3,000,000 ???

and how long will the bridge last? 20 years?
(plus maintenance)

2,396,000 man / hours in just the first year !! and...
2,500,000 man / hours each and every year after that !!

$47,000,000 the first year... and...
$50,000,000 each and every years after that !!

times 20 years... or...
saving (roughly) $1,000,000,000 for a $3,000,000 bridge!

Seems silly doesn't it?
What monumental things could be accomplished with all those extra man / hours?

Well, we are in the same situation with Karl's information....

Karl has given us thousands of hours of
extremely valuable knowledge and experience....

Knowledge and experience, that could go a long way to
saving the country, and the people in it.

But the information is completely scattered,
and unorganized, within those thousands of hours...

As it stands, each man, must invest thousands of hours,
to sort all this information out,
in hopes of making some logical sense of all of it,
that it might be absorbed into one's brain,
and then efficiently applied to life's circumstances,
all done... only for the immediate benefit of the one man.

Each man must duplicate the action of the earlier students,
sorting all this information out,
just like, in the example above...
each man must make that 60 minute round trip..
each and every day.

But what if...
as in the example above...
we took some of those man hours,
took some of that organized information, and experience

and invested it... and built a bridge?

You and i can easily build that bridge !

by taking the information we have already organized...
by taking the experiences we have already had...
by taking the work WE HAVE ALREADY DONE....

and by sharing it with others...
by making their effort & experience more efficient !
(a shorter drive time)

saving those who come after... quite literally..
millions and millions of otherwise wasted man / hours !

THEREBY, putting this country, it's people, and most especially,
it's corrupt court, and political systems, back on track !

if it takes each man 2000 hours to organize Karl's info...
and 20 people assist each other...
that is only 100 hours each...

or 200 people... 10 hours each.

and the great irony is...
this is work you have already done !
You only need to post it !

That is the reason this site was created....

Help build the bridge !

All information is relevant !!
Please share that others might learn !

if there is a particular audio, or section of one,
that made all things clear for you... point others to it !!
take 3 minutes and make a post !!!

if you have studied, and have had revelations,
that simplified your understanding of logic,
procedures, power flow, or other shortcuts...
share your revelation, in a post !!!

If you have transcribed some part of an audio,
please post them...
that others might copy that text..
and highlight the text relevant to their situation !

If you have discovered the true definition of a word....
that had an impact on what you were doing...
post it so others may share the fruit of your labors !

If you have insight with regard to letter writing, or grammar...
post some examples of commonly shared mistakes !
or offer to review other peoples documents !

If you have insight into writing documents...
or simply stumbled across a good one...
post it and share with others !

if you have written up Karl's raps
he uses to make / win a point...
(dialogs of his logic to practice in front of a mirror)
post them that others might practice...
so these points roll off the tongue !

If you have gone to statutory court,
with, or without a claim filed...
win or lose...
tell others how it went, and what you learned !

If you have gone to common law court..
win or lose...
tell others how it went, and what you learned !

All so that we might critique one another's work
and build a better, more efficient bridge !

All these things help the others here....

These are the things that will build
the proverbial 'more efficient' bridge...
and march us towards a better life for ourselves and our children.

Won't you help?

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